DataMan 503 Series Barcode Readers


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DataMan 503 Series Features

With the highest read rates in the industry, performance feedback, and no moving parts, the DataMan 503 is suited for the most challenging barcode reading applications and will change the industry’s perception of what can be accomplished with a barcode reader.

DataMan 503 Series Models and Specifications

DataMan 503 Series Specifications
DataMan 503 QL DataMan 503 X
1-D & Stacked Barcodes x x
1-D Omnidirectional Barcodesx x x
Postal Codes x
2-D Codes x
Algorithms 1DMax
Hotbars II1
Hotbars II1
Resolution 2048 x 1088 pixels
Acquisition 140 Hz
Decode Rate Max 140/sec
Lens Options C-Mount
Lighting Integrated segment-controlled bright field, various controllable external light options, color options include red, red polarized, IR, blue, white
Communication Ethernet and RS-232 and industrial protocols including EthernetIP, ProfiNET, Modbus TCP, MC Protocol
Dimensions 73mm x 54mm x 42mm, 92mm x 54mm x 42mm (w/cover and lights)
Protection IP65

1 DataMan 36x models only. DataMan 30x models have Hotbars.
2 PowerGrid Available.


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