Macro Lenses

High Resolution Distortion-less Macro Lenses


4/3” High Resolution Distortionless Macro Lenses

The VS-LLD series is a great selection to use for any application using a large sensor format that needs a distortion-less image.

♦ 4/3″ sensor support
♦ 9 models available
♦ Focal lengths 10 – 50mm
♦ Distortion-less
♦ High Resolution
♦ Floating System


Distortion less Macro Lenses

The VS-LDA series generates a low distortion image, even when using extension tubes, by using a large number of lens shifts. Its design allows for the support of a wide range of magnification, WD, and DOF.

♦ 1/2″ – 2/3″ sensor support
♦ 10 models available
♦ Focal length 4 – 75mm
♦ Distortion-less
♦ Reduced Shading


Distortion-less Macro Lenses

♦ Low distortion even when using extension tubes 10 models from focal lengths f4mm~f75mm
♦ Compact size: 32mm in diameter (except for VS-LD 6.5)
♦ For VGA ~3 Megapixel sensors
♦ Reduced shading


Vibration Resistant Distortion-less Macro Lenses

Specifically designed for vibration resistance the VS-MC series’ internal components are tightly packed with unique locking mechanism to keep the view in focus even under the harshest conditions.

♦ 1/2″ – 2/3″ sensor support
♦ 14 models available
♦ 4 – 75mm focal length
♦ F2, F5.6, F8 versions
♦ Compact design
♦ Vibration resistant


Variety of magnifications: 0.1x-2.0x

Applications needing a fixed magnification can take advantage of this iteration of the VS-MC series made to cover a reasonably wide magnification range with almost 0% distortion.

♦ 2/3″ sensor support
♦ Slim φ16mm body
♦ Distortion-less
♦ Optical Prism ready
♦ Optical Mirror ready


M10.5P = 0.5 camera mount

This super compact series of macro lenses, camera and lighting is ideal to use in a space constrained environment.

♦ 1/6″ sensor support
♦ Best for use in small spaces
♦ M10.5P = 0.5 camera mount


Machine Vision design for visible and infrared wavelength

The VS-UV & SWIR series were designed especially for varying wavelength spectrums. Applications utilizing IR are able to do see or omit certain aspects of the objects that are being inspected.

♦ 1/2″ – 1″ sensor support
♦ Visible & IR design
♦ Compact design
♦ Low Distortion

Telecentric Lenses

High Resolution with Adjustable Aperture


Super High Resolution Telecentric Lenses

The VS-TCT series lineup consists of our highest resolution Telecentric lenses. With 1.67µm resolution you can expect an excellent image from any sensor 2/3″ or lower.

♦ 2/3″ sensor support
♦ 1.67µm resolution
♦ 0.5x – 1.0x Magnification
♦ 61.5 – 66mm WD
♦ Fno 4.5
♦ Telecentric design


Variable aperture allows DOF and contrast adjustment

The VS-THV series is designed to support cameras with large sensors up to 1″, The adjustable aperture allows the DOF and contrast to be set to the need of your application.

♦ Supports 1″ sensor
♦ 7 models available
♦ 0.11x – 2.0x Magnification
♦ High Telecentricity
♦ 100mm x 100mm Max FOV(VS-THV011-220/S)
♦ Stand Clamp available (VS-THV011-220/S)


1.1″ Variable Magnification Telecentric Lenses

With 1.1″ large format sensor support and a 3.45μm pixel resolution the VS-TEV series excels at delivering high quality image. It’s three variable magnification ranges of 0.3x – 0.5x, 0.5x – 0.75x, 0.75x – 1x have you covered at every spectrum.

♦ 1.1″ sensor support
♦ 3 models available
♦ 3.45μm resolution
♦ Variable Magnification
♦ Adjustable DOF
♦ High Telecentricity
♦ Variable iris allows for easy DOF and contrast balance adjustment


Standard Telecentric Lenses

While being compact in size and light in weight the VS-TC & APT series are our largest collection of telecentric lenses with WDs ranging from 40- 340mm. They produce a clear distortion-less, high contrast image.

♦ 1/2″ – 2/3″ sensor support
♦ 70 models available
♦ Compact
♦ Light weight
♦ Telecentric design


High Resolution Telecentric Lenses

The VS-TCH series was designed for use at a 65mm or 110mm WD (depending on the particular lens) with up to a 2/3″ sensor camera. It is a great choice for any machine vision application needing a high resolution, distortionless image.

♦ 2/3″ sensor support
♦ 65/110mm WD
♦ High Resolution
♦ High Telecentricity


Large Format Telecentric Lenses

The VS-TCM series is made to suit the larger 1.1″ sensor format of high resolution cameras. With its high NA these lenses are well suited for AOI, high accuracy inspection, and measurement applications. The adjustable aperture allows the DOF and contrast to be set to your application’s needs.

♦ 1.1″ Sensor support
♦ φ22 – φ35 Image circle
♦ 0.3x – 7.0x Magnification
♦ Telecentric design


Megapixel Telecentric Lenses

The VS-TCM series is made to support high resolution cameras. With its high NA these lenses are well suited for AOI, high accuracy inspection, and measurement applications. The adjustable aperture allows the DOF and contrast to be set to your application’s needs.

♦ 1/2″ – 2/3″ sensor support
♦ 23 models available
♦ 0.1x – 2.0x Magnification
♦ Telecentric design


Telecentric Microscope Lenses

With its 10x magnification and high 0.23 numerical aperture the VS-TM series is an excellent lens to use for up close inspection. Higher magnifications of 15x and 20x are possible with the use of a rear converter lens.

♦ 2/3″ sensor support
♦ 10x Magnification
♦ 0.23 NA
♦ 55mm WD
♦ Telecentric design


Variable Magnification Telecentric Lenses (5M)

The variable magnification and iris make the VS-TEC series a great choice for a wide range of applications such as the inspection of electronic parts, semiconductors, and manufacturing equipment. The series is suitable for cameras with up to 2/3″ sensors.

♦ 2/3″ sensor support
♦ 9 models available
♦ Variable magnification
♦ Telecentric design

Line Scane Lenses

Large Range of Focal Lengths and Supported Sensors


Line Scan Macro Lenses

The VS-L(F) series is designed with an F mount for line scan cameras. There is a large range of focal lengths and supported sensors which make it a good choice for any line scan application.

♦ 29 – 45mm sensor support
♦ 11 models available
♦ Focal Length 18 – 185mm
♦ F-Mount
♦ Distortionless


Line Scan Telecentric Lenses

Sensors with diameters ranging from 21 – 44mm can utilize the VS-LTC series to produce a high resolution telecentric image.

♦ 21 – 44mm sensor support
♦ 18 models available
♦ Reduced shading
♦ Adjustable DOF
♦ Telecentric design
♦ Bi-Telecentric lens models are available


8K, 12K & 16K Line Scan Macro Lenses

The VS-L(V) series is especially designed for large sensors up to 90mm in length, With integrated vibration resistance with a large selection of various mount adapters, high resolution, and high contrast.

Up to 90mm sensors
♦ 13 models available
♦ Up to 2K, 12K, & 16K
♦ Variable mounts
♦ Distortion-less

Fixed Focal Length Lenses

Adjustable Focus and Iris for Maximizing DOF Adjustable Focus and Iris for Maximizing DOF


Standard Fixed Focal Length Lenses

With its large variety of focal lengths, adjustable iris & focus, and support for a wide range of extension tubes and rear converter lenses, the SV-V series is a practical match for standard factory automation applications.

♦ 1/2″ – 1″ sensor support
♦ 11 models available 3.5 – 100mm focal lengths F1.4 brightness


High Contrast MP Fixed Focal Length Lenses

This VS-VM series has an uncompromisingly excellent resolution and high contrast, making it the best choice for any machine vision application using a camera, with up to a 1/1.8″ sensor.

♦ 1/1.8″ sensor support
♦ 7 models available
♦ 6 – 50mm focal lengths
♦ F1.8 brightness
♦ Compact design
♦ Vibration resistant design
♦ High contrast & resolution
♦ High quality at a cost effective price


Megapixel Fixed Focal Length Lenses

The SV-H series’ focus of delivering a high resolution, makes it an excellent choice for cameras that utilise up to 2/3″ sensors. The bright F number helps illuminate the view even in a poorly lit environment.

♦ 2/3″ sensor support
♦ 12 models available
♦ 6 – 100mm focal lengths
♦ F1.4 brightness
♦ High Resolution
♦ All models filter-ready


Megapixel Fixed Focal Length Lenses support 1”

The upgraded version of our SV-H series to increase the sensor size support to 1″. With its high resolution it is very effective for a large variety of machine vision applications.

♦ 1″ sensor support
♦ 9 models available
♦ 6 – 100mm focal lengths
♦ F1.4 brightness
♦ Low Distortion
♦ High Contrast


10 MP Fixed Focal Length Lenses

This particular lens was specifically made to deliver the most optimal resolution for any camera supporting up to a 2/3″ sensor. It’s 200Lp/mm resolution is maintained from the center of the lens, to its very edge.

♦ 2/3″ sensor support
♦ 200Lp/mm resolution
♦ 10MP
♦ Reduced Shading
♦ Minimized Distortion


F/0.85 for High Speed Cameras

High-speed cameras can best utilise the VS-085 series due to its immensely bright F number of 0.85. Up to 4/3″ sensors are supported as well as C and M42 mounts.

♦ 4/3″ sensor support
♦ F0.85 brightness
♦ C & M42 mount
♦ Low Distortion
♦ High Contrast


Inner Surface Inspection of Bottles and Containers

VST’s unique optical design allows there to be some space between the lens and the object permitting the placement of lighting devices. With standard fisheye lenses or lenses that have a short focal length, the WD is also short and which doesn’t leave any room for lighting. It also has a manual Iris/Focus, which is critical for maximizing its DOF.


Fixed focal Length & Macro Lenses kit for testing

The SV-EGG-BOX series is a set of specifically selected Fixed Focal Length and Macro lenses that are ideal for application testing in laboratory or factory settings. All of the lenses have an adjustable focus and iris and are carefully placed in a light weight, ruggedized case for easy transportation.


Machine Vision S-mount Board Lenses

The VS-B series features an S-mount capable lens compactly designed for use with board cameras.

♦ 1/2″ sensor support
♦ S-Mount (M12) lens for board camera
♦ Compact design

Zoom Lenses

Compact in Size with Long WD


Zoom Lenses

All VSZ models were designed to be compact in size and have a long WD. Without changing the WD this series has magnification ranges from 0.1x – 10.0x which is great for variable magnification needing applications.

♦ 1/2″ – 2/3″ sensor support
♦ 0.1x – 10.0x Mag. ranges
♦ 95 – 213mm WD
♦ Variable zoom


Motorized Zoom Lenses

The VSZ-MR is the motorized version of a subset of VSZ lenses. Designed for a long 100mm WD it is great for automating machine vision applications needing to see objects at variable distances.

♦ 1/1.8″ – 2/3″ sensor support
♦ 0.47x – 3.0x & 0.7x – 4.5x Variable magnification
♦ 100mm WD
♦ Motorized variable zoom