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Technology updates in the event International Technical Exhibition on Image Technology and Equipment 2022

International Technical Exhibition on Image Technology and Equipment 2023
held in Japan In Yokohama - Pacifico Yokohama, Japan from December 6-9, this event brings together international techniques on imaging technology and equipment. that is necessary for the Machine Vision system one of the most We absolutely cannot miss going for a walk to update these technologies. To bring knowledge, new information, including interesting equipment to be used in our work.

International Technical Exhibition on Image Technology and Equipment 2022


Thank you to all booths at the event. International Technical Exhibition on Image Technology and Equipment 2022 for welcoming us WJ Machine Vision Company very well. If companies that have exhibited technology products at the event have the opportunity to come to Thailand, we would like to invite you to visit our office. We will be very happy and pleased.

Ajarn Chainarong Monthienvichienchai, representatives, teachers and students from St. John Thabom School, Loeicame to study visit.

WJ Machine Company's walk in Japan this time has a clear purpose which is to update the technology that is important to our work. But with the objective of promoting the development of children's learning that we do all the time, it is also our priority. This time we have the honor of Ajarn Chainarong. Ajarn Jintana MMonthienvichienchai, representatives, teachers and students from St. John Tha Bom School, Loei Province, came to study and visit with WJ Machine Vision Company in Japan. Yokohama City to update technology in machine vision and technology that is beneficial to industry in Thailand

Christmas activity - Celebrating the 20th anniversary of St. John's School Thabom Loei


On December 22nd, we wjmvs walked to join the Christmas activities of St. John's School, Tha Bom, Loei Province. It is also another important day, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the school that was founded. and held a meeting to prepare for the academic day for January 2023

WJ Machine Vision Company Limited with affiliates Make merit at the office for the year 2022

On January 23rd, WJ Machine Vision Company Limited and its affiliates together with the management and staff Organized a merit-making ceremony for the year 2022 by the management team and all employees. together to offer morning food and offerings to 5 monks for good luck Prosperity for the company and the morale of the executives and employees in the organization to be able to perform duties to achieve the goals as set and to allow employees to participate in preserving Buddhism in another way May this year be a good year for the company to reach its goals.

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