Seminar Workshop // Step up your shopfloor to 4.0 with WJMVS Solution, powered by Cognex

Step up your shopfloor to 4.0 with WJMVS Solution, powered by Cognex
This activity is organized by us. WJ Machine Vision and Cognex, which focus on providing an understanding of inspection camera systems, also known as Machine Vision Systems, to operators in various industries can understand the capabilities How to make the most of it We hope that all of you will receive good information and can be adapted for use in your field. If you need to consult, we are happy to give advice. And if this activity has any errors, we apologize.

Nepcon Thailand 2019


Has passed together with Nepcon Thailand 2019, a event that gathers technology for the assembly and quality testing for the No. 1 electronics industry in ASEAN. Our booth, WJ Machine Vision, has been accepted. Received a lot of attention from visitors This year, the booth has more than 20% increase in visitors from the previous year. With the system solutions that we have set up in this show, it is a technology that can help produce quality. According to the standard with precise control Which this year the event can come out well ... I have to thank all our quality team ... and not to say thank you ... is the group of companies, factories, shops, organizations Attendees interested in honoring the visit of our booth If there are any pitfalls, WJ Machine Vision apologizes here.

Cognex ViDi 3.2 Seminer - Nov 30th 2018


With the Cognex ViDi 3.2, the latest innovations that have played a huge role in enhancing the production efficiency in every industry with the system. Between us, WJ Machine Vision and Cognex Corporation are important. We would like to thank all customers who honor our activities. Counting that has received very good feedback from customers. And if there is any error, we apologize here, which we promise not to stop developing in all aspects. We, WJ Machine Vision, are a part of driving the various industries into the full era of Thailand Industry 4.0.



Above all, we, WJ Machine Vision, thank you all. Who was honored to visit our booth at the Nepcon Thailand 2018 event. And very good support from the group of visitors in this event Enabling us to know the needs from groups in various industries Which we are very good to serve Consultation in the machine vision system at the event. If there are any errors, we must apologize for this. Also, every customer needs, we will follow up on the next link



Throughout the past 3 days, TILOG-LOGISTIX were concluded with a perfect ending by welcoming 7,525 entrepreneurs, logistics professionals, importers and exporters from many sectors across ASEAN+6 to engage business discussion, witness latest business movements, and strengthen stronger connectivity for growth in development and competitiveness enhancement in the midst of 4.0 era.

Under the theme of “A Roadmap to Sustainable Growth in Digital Connectivity Era,” all delegates were equipped with in-depth knowledge on how to capitalize business opportunities in digital connectivity era.

Workshop "Machine Vision Basic VisionPro 2018"


On March 23rd, WJ Machine Vision Group held a workshop on the Machine Vision Basic VisionPro topic "to create understanding. In the work of VisionPro software to solve customers in order to be deployed And develop the work of each industry to the maximum benefit There are also product updates as well as other software that has been interestingly developed. With good cooperation from our various partners, such as Cognex Thailand, VST, Winmate, Iinx, and Advantech. If there are any mistakes, please apologize. Here we will accept the criticism and will bring it back to improve. Continue to improve And also hope that we will continue to receive this great response