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WJ Machine Vision and its affiliates with partner companies The opportunity for those interested in the Smart factory 4.0 system, Machine Vision System, can register to request that we provide training. Exclusive understanding, in-depth content specific to you You can specify what training you want. can specify the desired date The number of people you want to join

Principles of analysis and problem solving in the Machine Vision system | Jumping from the event to sit and talk SS2 EP.1

Ep. 2nd, we jumped from the event to sit and talk as far as Phetchaburi province. Along the way, we never fail to bring a lot of issues that customers are interested in asking. We therefore collect questions from customers who inquire through our various channels. About machine vision systems to the principles of analyzing and solving problems arising from real applications both the equipment Both in Ep. software, very special, we go as far as Phetchaburi province and also get 2 expert engineers to assure the audience of knowledge of the principles of analyzing and solving problems in the machine vision system for sure.

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The atmosphere of the seminar Step up your shopfloor to 4.0 with WJMVS Solution, powered by Cognex. This event is organized by WJ Machine Vision and Cognex which focuses on providing knowledge about inspection camera systems, also known as Machine Vision System. For practitioners in various industries to understand the capabilities of their applications to the maximum We hope that all of you will receive good information and can be adapted for use in your field. If you need to consult, we are happy to give advice. And if this activity has any errors, we apologize.

Our company welcomes teachers and students. St. John's School, Thabom, Loei


On April 7th, the company welcomed teachers and students. St. John's School, Thabom, Loei Province, who has traveled to study in the Career Guidance Program to plan for tertiary education of Grade 6 students who are graduating this semester by bringing by Ajarn Chainarong Montien Wichienchai intends to give students a guideline for their future careers. Seeing a variety of careers and creating an impetus for students to study hard to find a career that they want in the future We hope that this coming of the children will benefit the students of St John's School. more or less swell Thank you Master Chainarong Montien Wichienchai and the teachers who honored our company welcomed St. John's Thabom School. If there is any mistake, we apologize here as well.

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Thanks to the company Samsung Electro-Mechanics (Thailand) manufacturer produces electronic components and parts or transceivers. That trust and honor our company has organized training. In our in-depth Machine Vision courses, we are very committed to providing knowledge. Understanding what customers expect to receive In order to bring the knowledge that has been gained back to develop the work of Samsung Electro-Mechanics (Thailand) further, if there is any error, we apologize here. We hope that this training session was helpful. Able to increase the capacity of personnel and machines for maximum efficiency in work.

WJ Machine Vision Company Limited with affiliates Make merit at the office for the year 2022


On January 23rd, WJ Machine Vision Company Limited and its affiliates together with the management and staff Organized a merit-making ceremony for the year 2022 by the management team and all employees. together to offer morning food and offerings to 5 monks for good luck Prosperity for the company and the morale of the executives and employees in the organization to be able to perform duties to achieve the goals as set and to allow employees to participate in preserving Buddhism in another way May this year be a good year for the company to reach its goals.

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