Coaxlink series

Ultimate in performance with superior value CoaXPress frame grabbers

♦ PCIe frame grabbers with up to four CoaXPress CXP-6 connections
♦ Choice of PCIe 3.0 (Gen 3) or PCIe 2.0 (Gen 2) x4 bus
♦ Feature-rich set of up to 20 digital I/O lines
♦ Extensive camera control functions
♦ Memento Event Logging Tool

Grablink series

Camera Link Frame Grabbers

♦ PCI/PCIe frame grabbers for Camera Link 80-bit, Full, Medium, Base and Lite configuration cameras
♦ Directly compatible with hundreds of Camera Link cameras available on the market
♦ ECCO+ / ECCO: Extended Camera Link Cable Operation
♦ Feature-rich set of digital IO lines

Domino series

Frame Grabbers for Non-Standard Analog Cameras

♦ PCI/PCIe frame grabbers for non-standard analog cameras
♦ High-accuracy, 10-bit, 40 or 65 MHz A/D converters
♦ D³ technology for extremely low synchronization jitter
♦ Support for mega-pixel progressive-scan and interlaced cameras, asynchronous reset and exposure control
♦ Trigger, strobe and general purpose I/O lines

Picolo series

Video capture cards for standard PAL/NTSC cameras

♦ PCI/PCIe video capture cards compatible with standard cameras
♦ Support of composite and S-Video signals (selected models)

Picolo HD series

High-definition 1080p video capture cards

♦ Video and audio capture from SDI, HDMI, DVI, Y/Pr/Pb, S-Video or CVBS video sources
♦ HD 1920x1080p, up to 50/60 frames per second
♦ SD 525i60 and 625i50 on selected models
♦ Optional on-board H.264 compression
♦ 16 general purpose IO lines