Fixed Focal Length

VS Technology’s Fixed Focal Length lens lineup consists of bright, compact, high resolution, and megapixel lenses for Vision System and Machine Vision.


VS Technology’s macro lenses are designed for use in the close-range environment, and there is a broad lineup of lenses in various sensor sizes, vibration-resistant designs, distortion-free designs, and lenses for small cameras.


VS Technology’s Zoom lenses have compact, telecentric, and motorized models. Made for inspection and vision system for Machine Vision applications.


VS Technology’s telecentric lenses are available in a wide range of optical magnification and WD to meet the needs of various applications, including various sensor sizes, distortionless designs, large sensors, and high resolution camera compatibility.

Large Format / Line Scan

VS Technology’s lenses for large sensors/line scan cameras are designed to minimize the difference in resolution and light intensity between the center and the edge, as wee as distortion, and are available in a wide range of focal lengths to meet the needs of various applications.