VS-TLS Series

Front Unit

Front Unit Model No.

Rear Unit

Rear Unit Model No. Front Unit Model No. Opt. Mag. TV Distortion WD (mm) O/I (mm) Sensor Size (Max.) Dimension
VS-TLS200-01B VS-TLS200 0.1 0.06% 301 825 1.1″ φ205(max.)xL=506.5 mm
VS-TLS200-006B 0.062 0.05% 2/3″
VS-TLS200-005B 0.05 0.04% 1/1.8″
VS-TLS300-007B VS-TLS300 0.067 -0.03% 500 1250 1.1″ φ300(max.)xL=732.5 mm
VS-TLS300-004B 0.042 0.01% 1220 2/3″ φ300(max.)xL=702.5 mm
VS-TLS300-003B 0.029 1200 1/2″ φ300(max.)xL=682.5 mm


Product Specs

Supports 12MP 1.1″
Front Unit – Rear Unit Reconfigurable Telecentric Lens

  • 3.45μm Resolution
  • 6 Models 0.029x~ 0.1x
  • Magnification can be changed by changing the rear unit
  • Fine tuning of WD is possible by the focus adjustment
  • Distortion-less Design
  • C-Mount

3 Magnifiactions available by changing the combination of front and rear units

Changing the magnification is cost effective and easy to fine tune with the focus funcion



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