VS-HV Series

Model Focal Length(mm) FNO. M.O.D(mm) Dimensions Sensor Size(MAX) Download , Request quotes/demos
VS-0828HV 8 2.8~16 100 φ57 (Max.) x L= 62.5mm 1.1″ Login
VS-1220HV 12 2.0~16 φ43 (Max.) x L= 54mm Login
VS-1620HV 16 2.0 ~ 16 φ38 (Max.) x L= 50.5mm Login


Product Specs

Supports 12MP 1.1″
Fixed Focal Length Lens

  • 1.1″ and 3.45μm resolution support
  • f8mm/f12mm/f16mm, 3 models
  • Versatile design for wide range of applications
  • C-Mount


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