VS-MC Series (Compact)

Model Opti. Mag. Range WD(mm) Working F/# TV Distortion Sensor Size (max.) Download , Request quotes/demos
VS-MC1375-40N 0.85x~1.375x 43.5~39.8 7.4~11.00 0.53%~0.30% 1/6″ Login
VS-MC0576N 0.365x~0.85x 56.6~30.7 9.5~7.6 -0.01%~0.00% Login


Product Specs

Super Compact Macro Lenses

  • 1/6″ support
  • Super compact model
  • Ideal to use in a space constrained environment
  • Smaller FOV and long WD
  • Best for use in small spaces
  • M12 P=0.5 mount

Compact Size

Super Compact Lighting


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