SWIR Support Telecentric Lens Series


Model No. WD O/I Magnification Wavelength Sensor Size(max.)
VS-THV1-110CO/S-SWIR 111.1mm 259.6mm 1.0x 1000~1600nm 1″
VS-THV1.5-110CO/S-SWIR 110.4mm 259.3mm 1.5x 1.1″
VS-THV2-110CO/S-SWIR 110.4mm 294.9mm 2.0x 1″
VS-THV3-110CO/S-SWIR 111.2mm 325.0mm 3.0x 1.1″
VS-THV4-110CO/S-SWIR 110.4mm 349.9mm 4.0x 1.1″


Product Specs

SWIR (shortwave infrared) wavelength-support Telecentric lenses

  • Capable of transmitting through specific objects and detecting substances within objects that are invisible to visible light.
  • Due to its property of absorption by moisture outside a specific wavelength range, it is capable of detecting areas that contain more moisture than the surrounding area.
  • Two series are available based on magnification and wavelength.
  • Lenses with optical magnification of 1x-4x and increased transmittance from1000nm to 1600 nm
  • Lenses with optical magnification 10x, increased transmittance from 900 nm to 1500 nm


Y:Transmittance(%) X:Wave Length (nm)

Transmittance Comparison (Captured at same shutter speed)

*4 times higher transmittance in the 1000nm ~ 1600nm range


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