SC2000E Series Vision Sensor

The SC2000E vision sensor integrates full functions of a vision system: lighting, acquisition, processing, and communication in minimal fuselage. Bring new choices for Y/N, P/N verifications with excellent performance in error-proofing detection scenarios

SC3000 Series Vision Sensor

SC3000 Series Vision Sensor Integrated with imaging, processing and communication functions, the SC3000 series has a more compact size and the vision detection tools lead to better performance. Equipped with a new SCMVS for on-site deployment and lower debugging requirements, bringing a more comprehensive and cost-effective choice for visual inspection!

SC6000 Series AI Smart Camera

SC6000 series AI smart camera is developed on a high-performance embedded platform, it have strong AI capabilities. Built in VM algorithm software, free to use 140+algorithm functions. With powerful processing capabilities while also considering high usability and flexibility, it can be widely used in positioning, measurement, identification and detection of various industries. It is the best choice for single camera vision system.

ID2000 Series Smart Code Reader

As a compact industrial barcode reader, ID2000 series can be embedded in automated machine equipment and other automated assembly line proximity barcode reading applications. Support common 1D, 2D and DPM codes, the patented lighting design provides high-quality image lighting.

ID3000 Series Smart Code Reader

Based on the embedded deep-learning platform, ID3000 adopt compact & modular design. With easy debugging (mechanical focusing), automatic polarization function and controllable light source branching, ID3000 can be widely used in various code reading scenarios.