Model Product Model MV-SC6016C-00C-NNN
Type SC6000 series Smart Camera, 1.6MP,Color,C-Mount
Tool Function module VM Platform
Communication protocol TCP, UDP, ModBus, Serial Port, Profinet, EtherNet/IP, Fins, MC, FTP, etc.
Camera Sensor type CMOS, global shutter
Pixel size 3.45 µm × 3.45 µm
Sensor size 1/2.9″
Resolution 1408 × 1204
Max. frame rate 60 fps
Gain 0 dB to 15 dB
Exposure time 16 μs to 1 sec
Pixel format Mono 8, RGB 8
Mono/color Color
Platform Memory 8 GB
Storage 64 GB
Electrical feature Data interface GigE
Digital I/O 17-pin M12 male connector provides power and I/O, providing opto-isolated input × 2 (Line 0/1), opto-isolated output × 2 (Line 4/5), configurable non-isolated input/output × 2 (Line 2/3), RS-232 × 1, light source output (max. 30 W) × 1
Extended interface 17-pin M12 female connector provides VGA × 1 and USB host × 1
Power supply 24 VDC
Power consumption Approx. 12 W @24 VDC (without external light source) Approx. 42 W @24 VDC (with external light source)
Mechanical Lens mount C-mount
Lens cap Transparent lens cap
Light source Not included
Indicator Power indicator (PWR), network indicator (LNK), status indictor (STS), and user-defined indicator (U1/U2)
Dimension 116.3 mm × 68.6 mm × 101.8 mm (4.6″ × 2.7″ × 4.0″)
Weight Approx. 530 g (1.2 lb.)
Ingress protection IP67 (under proper installation of waterproof lens cap)
Temperature Working temperature: 0 °C to 50 °C (32 °F to 122 °F) Storage temperature: -30 °C to 70 °C (-22 °F to 158 °F)
Humidity 20% to 95% RH, non-condensing
General Certification CE, KC
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SC6000 series Smart Camera, 1.6MP,Color,C-Mount

Key Feature

  • Adopts AI deep learning algorithm to achieve OCR, object recognition, defect detection, etc.
  • Integrates VM functions and supports more than 140 algorithms.
  • Adopts multiple interfaces and supports multiple-channel I/O, light source, display, etc.
  • Adopts high-performance CPU with faster calculation performance and high efficiency.
  • Supports multiple communication protocols.
  • Supports indicators displaying device status for easy debugging and maintenance.
  • Supports ingress protection IP67.


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