RI Ring Lights
Product Features:

♦ Ring lights can emit light from different angles and highlight three-dimensional
information of an object.
♦ The design of the light enclosure enlarges the area for heat transfer keeps the
device cool and extents the life span of the light source.
♦ Diffusers can be selected according to the different requirements of the application.

LI Bar Lights
Product Features:

♦ Best choice for the cost-effective inspection of large objects.
♦ Illumination angle can be adjusted according to customers’ requirements.
♦ Various colors can be combined to satisfy different demands;easy customization of size and colors

LIJ High Density Bar Lights
Product Features:

♦ SMD integrated LED light.
♦ Special condensing lens design, improved uniformity.
♦ Higher LED density compared with other high-power bar lights.

LIT High Uniformity Bar Lights
Product Features:

♦ High uniformity.
♦ Standard dimensions of emitting surface can be made into 2000 mm
♦ Can be installed by M3 threaded hole , and also be installed in the three extrusion slots by inserting the M3 nut.

LIG High Power Bar Lights
Product Features:

♦ Three times higher intensity
♦ Standard dimensions of emitting surface can be made from 60 mm to 2000 mm
♦ Works also for long working distances thanks to high-power LEDs

LIM Combined Bar Lights
Product Features:

♦ Free angle adjustment
♦ Intensity of each light can be controlled independently
♦ Widely used, first choice for the large square illumination

RID Dome Lights
Product Features:

♦ Using special diffuser, providing uniform and shadowless lighting.
♦ Eliminating reflective and shadows, ideal choice for the glossy and curved surfaces

COG High Power Coaxial Lights
Product Features:

♦ Four (4) times higher intensity than the standard series.
♦ High-power SMD LEDs.
♦ High-transparency and -uniformity diffuser
♦ Heat-conductive plate and fan to release the heat
♦ Special camera window and beam splitter

CO Coaxial Lights
Product Features:

♦ High image resolution and uniform illumination, high-density LED array, upgrading the brightness of the illumination
♦ Special heat-conductive design for longevity and stability
♦ Special coated beam splitter for maximum light transmission
♦ Shows unevenness of surfaces, reduces reflections
♦ Mainly used for the inspection of surfaces for scratches,
flaws, damages, etc.

LSG High Density Line Scan Light
Product Features:

♦ LED illumination for line scan applications with long working distances The focus of the light can be adapted.
♦ High-power LEDs, special convergent lens for applications with line scan cameras.
♦ Intensity of more than 750,000 lux; total intensity of more than 1M lux on request.

LST High Uniformity Line Scan
Product Features:

♦ Diffuser creates uniform illumination
♦ High-density LED array and high-uniformity diffuser help to reduce speckles of reflective and uneven surfaces

LSS High Power Line Scan Light
Product Features:

♦ Maximum brightness can reach up to 1.8M lux.
♦ For high brightness requirements.
♦ High-uniformity, ultra-compact size.
♦ Available as various installations.
♦ Unique cooling design.

LSC Coaxial Line Scan Lights
Product Features:

♦ Spectroscope design for maximum light transmission.
♦ High-intensity LEDs with high brightness, ideal for high-speed inspection.
♦ Best suited for a consistent inspection line, especially for print inspection with highly reflective surfaces.

PIG High Intensity Spot Lights
Product Features:

♦ Five times higher intensity than standard lights.
♦ Housing temperature remains < 45°C thanks to elaborated heat release design ♦ Over 400,000 lux thanks to special lighting-guide tube ♦ Uniformity of > 85%.

PIT High Uniformity Spot Light
Product Features:

♦ Special illumination design for operation with coaxial telecentric lenses with bigger FOV.
♦ High-uniformity spot light is the same dimensions as high-intensity spot lights
♦ Improved uniformity over standard spot lights.

PI Spot Lights
Product Features:

♦ High-power LEDs, small size, high intensity.
♦ Efficient thermal design for longevity.
♦ Replacement for costly, short-lived halogen light sources,suitable for coaxial illumination with telecentric lenses.

PIPL Collimated Spot Lights
Product Features:

♦ Parallel direction of emitted light.
♦ Working distances is from 80 to 250 mm,illuminated area can be adjusted.

QG Fiber Spot Lights
Product Features:

♦ Power input of 100 – 240V thanks to integrated power supply.
♦ Suitable to replace halogen lights without changing any other equipment.
♦ High-intensity LEDs feature two times longer lifespan than halogen lights.

RGB RGB Lights
Product Features:

♦ SMD package with RGB LED light.
♦ Can be customized in any color, suitable for detailed inspection in different colors.
♦ Ring Light, Bar Light series, special 45° condensing lens makes the light more even, more focused light emission
♦ R, G, B colors can be used separately and also simultaneously

FL Back Lights
Product Features:

♦ Large area illumination.
♦ Mainly used for contour image and large area uniform illumination.

FLC Flat Lights
Product Features:

♦ Multilateral emission, excellent overall uniformity.
♦ Ultra-thin: The height can be reduced down to 6 mm to satisfy challenging installation space requirements.
♦ Freely customizable size for also large areas of uniform illumination

FLK Front Lights
Product Features:

♦ Creates shadowless light.
♦ Illuminates large areas uniformly.
♦ Can be used of illumination from the front.
♦ Customizable size, quantity and the location of the hole.

FLG High Power Back Lights
Product Features:

♦ We are using high-power SMD LED and heat transfer materials for our high-brightness Back Light. It is well
suited for applications with short exposure times.
♦ This series offers high intensity and uniformity.
♦ The size can be customized freely.
♦ The intensity is 1.5 times higher than the standard series.

FLP Parallel Back Lights
Product Features:

♦ Alternative to classic back lights, applied in applications for high-accuracy measurement of large parts.
♦ OPT-FLP is thinner than OPT-FP series for an even easier installation and space-efficiency.
♦ Large emitting surface.

RIC Half Ring Lights
Product Features:

♦ The best option for elliptical objects.
♦ Compact LED array for higher intensity and uniformity.
♦ Can be combined with bar light for illumination from all sides.
♦ Special half ring light design for the inspection of curved objects. Applicable for low angle illumination.

RIF Diffuse LED Dark Field Ring lights
Product Features:

♦ For large round objects or small irregularly shaped objects.
♦ Higher uniformity compared to standard ring lights.
♦ Even illumination of the surface without shading.
♦ Different working distances create different results.

RIE Diffuse LED Ring Lights
Product Features:

♦ More uniform illumination of large areas than with standard ring lights.
♦ Eliminates flare and ghosting effects.
♦ A special diffuser design reduces reflection and ensures uniform illumination.

RIW Diffuse LED Ring Lights
Product Features:

♦ Highly uniform illumination of large area, even illumination on difficult objects without reflections.
♦ Special diffuser design ensures diffuse and uniform illumination.

RIU Diffuse LED Front Lights
Product Features:

♦ Spherical design to eliminate the reflection on the surface effectively.
♦ Special diffuser reduces reflections close to the performance of dome illuminations.

RIH Diffuse LED Dark Field lights
Product Features:

♦ For large round objects or small irregularly shaped objects.
♦ Higher uniformity compared to standard ring lights.
♦ Even illumination of the surface without shading.
♦ Different working distances create different results.

RIP Bright Ring Lights
Product Features:

♦ High-power SMD LEDs and high-uniformity diffuser provide high intensity and reduce shadows.
♦ Robust cabling thanks to special connector.

RIG High Power Ring Lights
Product Features:

♦ High-power LEDs, high-density LED array, special lens, 2 times higher intensity than standard ring lights.
♦ Suitable for long working distances.

FC Flat Coaxial Front Lights
Product Features:

♦ Diffuse and highly-uniform illumination.
♦ Easy-to-use and compact.
♦ Combines the benefits of anti-shadow and coaxial lights.

PL Collimated Collector Lights
Product Features:

♦ Uniformity can reach 85%, high intensity, highly parallel light emission.
♦ Multi-layered lens design, deviation in emission angle below 0.5 degrees.
♦ Light installation hole can be free and diverse, according to customers free choice in the actual situation.
♦ Using extinction treatment can achieve the good
extinction and be beneficial to practical application.

FP Collimated Back Lights
Product Features:

♦ Highly parallel light provides optimal contrast of an object shape when used as back light.
♦ Also first choice for edge measurement and defect inspection on smooth surfaces.
♦ Shall be used with coaxial optical systems for the inspection of scratches or other defects on smooth surfaces.

COP Parallel Coaxial Lights
Product Features:

♦ Special light routing for maximum deviation of below 3 degrees.
♦ Better emitting angle compared to standard light.
♦ Multiple mounting options, individually customizable for each application.
♦ Superior reflection mirrors maximize the light intensity.

IR IR Lights
Product Features:

♦ The shape and illumination angle can be customized.
♦ Available with 850 nm and 940 nm wavelength.

UV UV Lights
Product Features:

♦ Based on UV LEDs from the globally leading manufacturer.
♦ Utmost stability of the UV light.
♦ Available with 365 nm and 385 nm wavelength; shape and illumination angle can be customized.

UVG High Power UV Lights
Product Features:

♦ Extended LED life time thanks to special heat transfer gap.
♦ High-power UV lights provide 3 times higher intensity.
♦ 1200 hours of operation with full power at 20°C ambient temperature with a decrease in intensity of just 2.8%.

RIA AOI Lights
Product Features:

♦ Special diffusers provide high uniformity.
♦ Multi-color illumination from different angles highlights the 3D information e.g. of the soldering.
♦ Widely applied in the inspection of objects with complex shapes.

LIU Vault Lights
Product Features:

♦ It can get pretty even illumination.
♦ Combines the features of dome lights and bar lights.
♦ Opening on the top for the easy installation of area scan or line scan cameras.

Waterproof Lights
Product Features:

♦ OPT standard items are also available as waterproof variants.
♦ Compliant with IP67 rating.
♦ Ideal for hassle-free operation in dusty and wet environments.

Customized Air Cooled Lights
Product Features:

♦ Compact footprint.
♦ Reduced speckles thanks to a special lens design.
♦ Suitable for dust-free environments; requires air compressor.

VA Lights
Product Features:

♦ Alignment with high accuracy and high speed large field of view.
♦ Compact design for an easy image acquisition.
♦ High brightness variants can replace ring lights.

Customize Light

Multi Colors Ring Light
Product Features:

♦ LED arrays with high density, high brightness.
♦ Different color combination, highlight the object three-dimensional information.
♦ Each group of lighting area independent control, optional monochrome, meet a variety of sizes measured.
♦ Optional multicolor, facilitating a variety of color transformation.

Coaxial Light Combined Ring Light
Product Features:

♦ Coaxial light source combined with ring light source.

Ring Light
Product Features:

♦ Adopts the way of cutting slot, make the light source directly fit the movement station.
♦ Surrounded by double half ring, uniform illumination.

Side Back Light
Product Features:

♦ Used for big FOV with high resolution inspection.
♦ Open 6 holes for 6 cameras to achieve one light with several cameras application.
♦ This can help to save the cost.

Four Side Square Light
Product Features:

♦ Adopt high uniform LED, milky white diffuse material, flexible PCB structure.
♦ Two long straight single control, two short straight edge and rounded corners are separate control, convenient to adjustment.
♦ The light is soft and uniform.

Bar Light Combined
Product Features:

♦ Multiple high intensity uniform light bar combination, special illumination angle.
♦ Side light source control alone of each group, to check the directional defects of a single location from full range.

Dome Light Combined
Product Features:

♦ Spherical uniform distribution, direction distribution uniformly.
♦ Have effect of integral half spherical inner wall.
♦ Light from the bottom of the wall through 360°uniform reflection ,make the whole image very uniform.

Bar Light Group With House
Product Features:

♦ Bar combined sources, ampshade design to arch, internal choose high intensity LED; Isolated from the external interference.

High Power Column Light
Product Features:

♦ Adopt cylinder structure arrangement, inner surface with reflective coating uniformly, to ensure the uniformity of the
intensity of all of the light source inside regions.

Pattern Light
Product Features:

♦ Using high-power LED, with grid light spot, the light source is very parallel and uniform, the area of light source can be adjusted.