VS-L(F) Series

Model Focal Length(mm) Opti. Mag. Range Working F/# Image circle Floating Mount
VS-L1828/F 18 0.025x-0.12x 2.9-3.2 Φ29 F-Mount
(M42,TFL,M58 and more)
VS-L2526/F 25 2.7-2.9
VS-L3528/F 35 0.05x-0.3x 2.8-3.5 Φ45
VS-L3528LM/F 0.02x-0.12x 2.9-3.2
VS-L3528FL/F 0.04x-0.15x 2.9-3.1 Φ43
VS-L5018FL/F 50 0.05x-0.14x 2.0-2.2 Φ45
VS-L5028/F 0.05x-0.3x 3.1-3.8
VS-L5028FL/F 0.04x-0.15 3.0-3.3 Φ43
VS-L8540/F 85 0.1x-0.35x 4.4-5.4 Φ50
VS-L10028/F 100 0.05x-0.3x 3.2-4.0 Φ45
VS-L18556/F 185 0.108x-0.159x 7.1-7.4
VS-L20040/F 200 0.32x-1.0x 4.6-5.9 Φ35.2 F-Mount
(M42,TFL,M58 and more)
2021.3 NEW MODEL


Product Specs

Line Scan Macro Lenses

  • There is a large range of focal lengths and supported sensors which make it a good choice for any line scan application.
  • 29 – 45mm sensor support
  • Focal Length 18 – 200mm
  • Distortionless
  • Select mount adaptors are available (M42,TFL,M58 and more)
  • 2021.3 New model VS-L20040/F is available.

VS-L (F) Magnification chart


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