VS-HX Series

Model. No. Focal Length(mm) Fno Sensor Size (max.) Magnification Weight Dimensions Mount
VS-HX3535 35mm 3.5~ Φ32 ∞~0.1x 500g Φ56(max.) x L = 107.1mm M52 P=0.75
(M42,TFL,M58 and more)
VS-HX5035 50mm 250g Φ56(max.) x L = 59.1mm
VS-HX7535 75mm 430g Φ57(max.) x L = 82.6mm

Select mount adapters are available Custom mount adapters are also available

Mount Adapter



Product Specs

8K Resolution Large Format Fixed Focal Length Lens
Image Circle Φ32mm

  • 2.74um pixel resolution for enhanced clarity compared to conventional models
  • Compact design and light weight (approx. 500g or less)
  • Less distortion and flare
  • Select mount adaptors are available (M42,TFL,M58 and more)

Comparison Image(WD1.5km)

*Imaging Camera SP-45000 (Super 35mm)


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