Industrial Compact C-Mount Lenses

Preferable to many conventional C-Mount lenses for their high vibration stability and light construction, these compact lenses are corrected for the spectral range of 400 – 1000nm on megapixel cameras.
In order to offer high-quality lenses at reasonable prices, the Compact Series uses the same optics as our IR-corrected 400-1000nm series. Thus, the optical performance of these lenses is perfectly suited to meet the requirements for the 1/3, 1/2, and 2/3 inch image formats. By reducing some mechanical parts in the design, the price of the Compact Series is considerably below that of the 400-1000nm series.

Industrial C-Mount Lenses

Schneider’s standard C-Mount lenses are used in applications requiring high-quality optics for megapixel cameras. These applications include robotics and machine vision, industrial inspection, document scanning, postal sorting, medical applications, and many others.
These lenses are available with fixed or variable focal lengths from 4.8mm to 100mm for cameras with 1/2″, 2/3″, and 1″ sensors, with manual or motorized control, and with an extended range of iris adjustment to make use in extreme conditions of illumination possible.

Industrial Telecentric Lenses

The rapid growth of electronic image processing for critical manufacturing and process applications has resulted in a tremendous demand for non-contact optical metrology solutions requiring an ever increasing degree of accuracy.
Bilateral telecentric lenses provide the best possible optical performance by maintaining telecentricity in both object and image space.
Object-sided telecentric lenses provide optical performance sufficient for many metrology applications, in a lower-mass, more modestly-priced package.

Industrial Machine Vision Lens System

Macro System: The compact and robust macro system uses Schneider Enlarging lenses with special Iris Body, helical mount, extension tubes and camera adapters.
The best choice for close up and macro images on larger format, megapixel cameras.
12k High Resolution Lenses: Designed for High Resolution linescan applications up to 12k. Large image circle up to 90mm for large linear array size. High Optical resolution for small pixel size sensors.

Industrial Xenon-Emerald F-Mount Lenses

Ideal for machine vision, quality control, web & surface inspection and line scan applications, these compact and robust optics offer low distortion, uniform performance across the focal plane and an image circle of 43.2mm. Offered in several optimized model variants for short working distances and Infinity. These lockable optics feature a wide range coating of 400 to 1000nm for use in the visible and infrared spectrums.
These lenses are also available as either a Canon or an M42 mount.

Industrial Ruggedized Compact C-Mount Lenses

These lenses stand up to the vibrations common in industrial environments where lenses are exposed to high vibration or high-G shocks or when lenses are inaccessible and simply must not fail, ruggedized lenses may be desirable.
A ruggedized lens starts as a standard lens that:
♦ is completely disassembled
♦ has thread-locking compound placed on all its internal threads and retaining rings
♦ has its adjustable iris replaced with an application-specific fixed iris (optional)
♦ is reassembled, tested, and shipped with a certificate of compliance if requested.