SC6000 Series AI Smart Camera

SC6000 series AI smart camera is developed on a high-performance embedded platform, it have strong AI capabilities. Built in VM algorithm software, free to use 140+algorithm functions. With powerful processing capabilities while also considering high usability and flexibility, it can be widely used in positioning, measurement, identification and detection of various industries. It is the best choice for single camera vision system.

Rich algorithms, Easy to use

The SC6000 AI smart camera has more than 140 visual tools, over 30 communication protocols, and adopts graphical interaction and process based operations, improving the application flexibility of smart cameras; SC6000 with high computing power and strong flexibility can handle everything from simple presence and absence judgments to complex defect detection, making it more adaptable to scenarios.

Rich interfaces, Breaking through limitations

While maintaining high hardware integration, SC6000 supports the combination and combination of various accessories such as C-mount lens, external light source, and display, improving the application flexibility and complex scene response ability of AI smart cameras. Users can flexibly choose and match according to scene requirements, breaking through the application limitations of smart cameras.

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