Basler beat

General Information

Camera Category Area Scan Camera
Order Number 106577


Pixel Size (H x V) 5.5 μm x 5.5 μm
Resolution (H x V) 4088 px x 3070 px
Frame rate 62 fps
Mono/Color Color
Resolution 12 MP
Shutter Global Shutter
Sensor Size 22.52 mm x 16.9 mm
Sensor CMV12000
Sensor Format 1.75”
Sensor Type CMOS
Sensor Vendor ams
Spectrum Visible

Camera Data

Camera Link Clock 32.5 / 65 / 84
Exposure Control trigger width, timed, or off
Power Requirements (typical) 6 W
Power Supply 12-24 VDC
  • free-run
  • hardware trigger
  • software trigger
Interface Camera Link
Pixel Bit Depth
  • 10 bits
  • 12 bits
  • 8 bits


Housing Type Box
Lens Mount
  • F-mount
  • M42 x 0.75
  • M42 x 1
  • M58 x 0,75
Housing Size (L x W x H) 40 mm x 56 mm x 62 mm
Operating Temperature 0 °C – 60 °C


Basler beatbeA4000-62kc

Best image quality at high resolution and speed

  • CMV12000Sensor
  • 62 fpsFrame rate
  • 12 MPResolution

The Basler beA4000-62kc Camera Link camera with the ams CMV12000 CMOS sensor delivers 62 frames per second at 12 MP resolution

With its highly sensitive CMV12000 ams sensor, the Basler beat delivers excellent quality images, ideal for price-sensitive applications that require high resolution at high speed.

The Basler beat at a glance

The Basler beat offers outstanding image quality at high frame rates and resolutions. It is available as a monochrome or color model with the ams CMV12000 high-sensitivity CMOS sensor, featuring progressive scan and global shutter technology.

  • CMOS sensor with 12 MP resolution
  • More than 62 fps frame rate
  • Maximum acquisition speed thanks to Camera Link interface
  • Coordinated accessories portfolio, including F-mount lenses
  • Compatibility with all popular frame grabbers
  • Proven pylon Software Suite
  • Ideal for price-sensitive applications


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