DataMan 370 Series Barcode Readers

DataMan 370 Series Barcode Readers

DataMan 370 series fixed-mount barcode readers solve challenging direct part mark (DPM) and label-based code applications. With twice the computing power of conventional readers in its class, the DataMan 370 delivers faster decode speeds for greater throughput per facility, even when applications have multiple codes and symbologies.

2X read performance and power

DataMan 370 series barcode readers are optimized with the latest decoding algorithms, including new 1D/2D Auto-Discrimination, to ensure fast and superior read rate performance for 1D and 2D codes. DataMan 370’s multi-core processor enables it to run these algorithms and processes in parallel, resulting in two times the performance and power of comparable high-performance readers.

Best-in-class image formation

DataMan 370 uses High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging technology to acquire single images that are 16 times more detailed than conventional sensors. It globally enhances image quality and contrast, resulting in greater depth-of-field and improved handling of low contrast codes.

Modularity provides unparalleled flexibility

DataMan 370’s proven modular design shares the same lighting, lens, and communication options as other DataMan readers, providing maximum flexibility and ease-of-use. New high-powered integrated torch (HPIT) option provides unmatched illumination power, eliminating the need for external lighting.

Easy setup and operation

DataMan Setup Tool software simplifies installation and operation of Cognex barcode readers. It captures images in real time for user review and tracks read result history. Intelligent auto-tuning and application assistants guide the user to quickly optimize complex parameters with ease. The Setup Tool also provides process control metrics and performance feedback.



DataMan 370 Series Specifications

DataMan 374 DataMan 375
Algorithms 1DMax, 2DMax, Hotbars, PowerGrid, 1D/2D Auto-Discrimination
Image Sensor 1/1.8″ CMOS 2/3” CMOS
Image Sensor Properties Diagonal 8.9 mm; 3.45 μm square pixels Diagonal 11.1 mm; 3.45 μm square pixels
Image Sensor Resolution 2048 x 1536 2448 x 2048
Electronic Shutter Speed Min. exposure: 15 μs
Max. exposure: 1000 μs with internal illumination/10000 μs with external illumination
Max Acquisition Up to 80 Hz Up to 55 Hz
Lens Options Liquid lens 10 mm, 16 mm, 24 mm; C-mount 12 mm, 16 mm, 25 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm
Trigger and Tune Buttons Yes; Quick Setup Intelligent Tuning
Aimer Optional
Discrete Inputs 2 fixed + (*) opto-isolated
Discrete Outputs 2 fixed + (*) opto-isolated
*Other I/O Points 2 user-configurable
Status Outputs Beeper, 5 multifunctional LEDs, 10 LED bar array, 360-degree indicator
Lighting Integrated LEDs, red, blue or IR; diffuse, polarized, high powered integrated light (HPIL), high powered integrated torch (HPIT), various controllable external light options Integrated LEDs, red, blue or IR; diffuse, polarized, high powered integrated torch (HPIT), various controllable external light options
Communications Ethernet and serial
Protocols RS-232, TCP/IP, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, SLMP, Modbus TCP, NTP, SFTP, FTP, MRS, Java Scripting enabled for custom protocols
Power Consumption 24 VDC ±10%, 1.5 A maximum (HPIL/HPIT1)
24 VDC, 250 mA maximum (reader)
Supplied by LPS or NEC class 2 only
Weight 165 g
Dimensions 73 mm x 54 mm x 42 mm; 113 mm x 91 mm x 75mm (with HPIT)
Operating Temperature 0 °C–57 °C (32 °F–134.6 °F)2
Storage Temperature -20 °C–80 °C (-4 °F–176 °F)
Operating and Storage Humidity < 95% non-condensing
Protection IP67 with cables and appropriate lens cover attached
RoHS Certified Yes
Approvals (CE, UL, FCC) Yes

1 HPIL denotes one of the DM360-HPIL-RE, DM360-HPIL-RE-P, DMLT-HPIL-RE or DMLT-HPIL-RE-P accessories. HPIT denotes one of the DMLT-HPIT-RE-W, DMLT-HPIT-RE-S, DMLT-HPIT-RE-N, DMLT-HPIT-WHI-W, DMLT-HPIT-WHI-S, DMLT-HPIT-WHI-N accessories.

2 In situations where the operating temperature exceeds 40 °C, an external heat sink is required.


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