Choosing the Right Model

Challenging DPM codes*
Well-marked DPM codes*
Printed labels
High Speed Liquid Lens (HSLL)
Minimum 1D/2D CodeSize 3 mil / 5 mil 4 mil / 5 mil 2 mil / 2 mil
Illumination Integrated red diffuse, polarized, and direct White diffuse Red direct Red diffuse
Ethernet with industrial protocols
Bluetooth direct connect
Bluetooth to Base Station

*Well-marked DPM codes can come in a number of forms including dot peen, laser-etched, inkjet, etc. What separates a challenging versus a well-marked DPM code is damage or wear and tear on a code, shiny or textured backgrounds, or improper marking.

8700 Series Specifications

Algorithms 1DMax, 2DMax, Hotbars, PowerGrid
Resolution 1.6MP
Status Outputs OLED display, LED ring light, beeper, vibration
Communications Serial: RS-232 and USB
Ethernet: TCP/IP, FTP, industrial protocols: EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, MC protocol, Modbus TCP
Intelligent base station: RS-232, USB, Ethernet, industrial protocols
Bluetooth connectivity: smartphone, intelligent base station, Bluetooth enabled tablet or PC
Wireless infrastructure mode connectivity: PC through Wi-Fi router
Symbologies 1D: UPC/EAN/JAN, Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 39, Code 128, Code 93, POSTNET, PLANET Code, IMB, Postal
2D: Data Matrix, QR, MicroQR, PDF417, MaxiCode, Aztec
Operating Temperature 0°C–40°C (32°F–104°F)
Storage Temperature -40°C–60°C (-40°F–140°F)
Maximum Humidity 95% (non-condensing)
Power Supply Requirements DataMan 8700 with serial/USB: 5.5 V DC, 6.0 W maximum LPS or NEC Class 2 power supply
DataMan 8700 with Ethernet: PoE Class 2 power supply
DataMan 8700 with Bluetooth: 3.7 V, 5000 mAh Li-ion battery
DataMan Intelligent Base Station: 5.5 V DC, 6 W maximum LPS or NEC Class 2 power supply or PoE Class 2 power supply
Wireless Unit Scans per Full Charge 125,000+
Protection Handheld reader: IP67; Base station: IP65
Drop Test Multiple drops from 2.5 meters
Tumble Test 5,000 tumbles from 1 meter
Environmental Compliant with latest EU RoHS and China RoHS
Regulatory EU: CE EMC & RED; USA/Canada: cTÜVus IEC 61010-1, part 15, ICES 03;
Korea: KCC; India: BIS and WPC; China: SRRC; Brazil: ANATEL; Mexico: NOM and IFETEL; Japan: MIC
Data Validation US DoD UID guidelines, GS-1, ISO15434 and ISO15418
Operating System Windows 7 and Windows 10

Model Specifications

8700DX 8700DQ 8700LX 8700HD
Lens 8 mm lens with liquid lens 6.2 mm fixed lens 8 mm fixed lens 12 mm fixed lens
Lighting Red diffuse, polarized, direct White diffuse Red direct Red diffuse
Aimer On-axis green LED aimer On-axis green LED aimer Dual off-axis green LED aimers
Minimum 1D/2D CodeSize 3 mil / 5 mil 4 mil / 5 mil 2 mil / 2 mil
Dimensions Wireless 221 mm (H) x 114.1 mm (L) 211.4 mm (H) x 113.1 mm (L)
Corded 233.2mm (H) x114.1mm (L) 223.4 mm (H) x 113.1 mm (L)
Weight Wireless 548 g (battery included) 479 g (battery included) 489 g (battery included)
Corded 450 g (+approx.130 g forcables) 395 g (+ approx. 130 g forcables) 405 g (+approx. 130 g for cables)


DataMan 8700 Series

Cutting-edge performance for the toughest codes

Improve component traceability and operational efficiency by reading worn or damaged codes and direct-part marks (DPMs) in the harshest manufacturing environments.

Reliably read imperfect DPMs and label-based codes while withstanding oil, water, dirt and repeated collisions. Quickly setup, scan, and review feedback with the built-in OLED display and a range of industrial protocols and communication options.

DataMan 8700 Series handheld barcode reader submerged in oil

Robust oil and water-resistant housing

DataMan 8700 series readers are built to endure relentless manufacturing environments, improving throughput and operational efficiency by thriving where other readers fail. With resilient IP67-rated housing, DataMan 8700 series readers adhere to ISO oil-resistance standards, can function in up to one meter of water, and can withstand multiple drops from 2.5 meters onto concrete.

Premium read performance in milliseconds

The DataMan 8700DX model is equipped with the latest patented decoding algorithms, HDR technologyhigh speed liquid lens, and a multi-core processor to read codes in under 150 milliseconds. Integrated diffuse, polarized, and direct lighting enables superior image formation to read dot peen, laser-etched, and label-based codes on challenging (shiny, cylindrical, dark) surfaces without any hot spots.

A DataMan 8700DX reading a direct-part mark

DataMan 8700 OLED display screen

Intuitive design for optimal efficiency

The reader’s OLED display screen and on-device controls enable operators to setup and start scanning without connecting to a PC.

  • Configure anywhere, anytime: OLED display screen and on-device controls enable operators to setup and start scanning without connecting to a PC.
  • Integrated data dashboard: View important information such wireless signal strength, battery life, and code information details from the OLED display on the device.
  • Clean, consistent information: Naming your reader allows you to easily identify the corresponding base station.
  • Clear operator feedback: Powerful audio tone, color-coded lights, and vibration alert.

Easy Connectivity

On-board industrial protocols enable the DataMan 8700 to seamlessly connect to PLCs and networks. DataMan 8700 supports multiple communication options including corded and wireless options:

  • Wi-Fi: Roam any facility and reach any code in a secure environment by connecting a DataMan 8700 reader to a wireless router for ultimate mobility.
  • Bluetooth direct connect: Pair your reader to a phone, PC, or tablet to review and populate codes to a smart device.
  • Bluetooth connection to intelligent base station:The intelligent base station has the ability to communicate with a PLC or PC via Ethernet with industrial protocols, serial RS-232, or USB.
  • Corded: Continuous communication to a device with USB, RS-232, and Ethernet with industrial protocols.
Communication options


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