LM16JCM-WP | 2/3″ Ruggedized Waterproof 16mm 2MP Lens

Technical Details

Focal Length (mm): 16
Sensor Size: 2/3″
Pixel Size (µm): 4,5
Mount: C-mount
Iris Control: Manual
Iris Range (F-Stop): F1.4 / F4 / F8 / F16
Lens Type: Fixed Focal Lens
Wavelength Range: VIS (380nm – 780nm)
Focusing Range (m): 0,2 – ∞
Focus Control: Manual
Shooting range at MOD, horizontal (mm): 112,8
Shooting range at MOD, vertical (mm): 84,4
Resolution, Center (lp/mm): 120
Resolution, Corner (lp/mm): 100
Megapixel: 2
Distortion (TV) (%): -0,05
Back focus in air (mm): 13,1
Filter Size (mm): M27 x P0,5
Size (mm): Ø33 X 36,5
Weight (g): 75
Temperature Range (℃): -10°C – +50°C
Series: JCM-WP
Application: Machine Vision


Product Information LM16JCM-WP | 2/3″ Ruggedized Waterproof 16mm 2MP Lens

  • 2/3″ 2 Megapixel C-mount industrial lens
  • Focal length 16mm
  • For sensors with a pixel size from 4.5μm
  • Suitable for OnSemi Python500, e2v EV76C570 and Aptina MT9M131 sensors and many more
  • Designed for use in environments with strong vibrations and shocks
  • Lock nut is used instead of screws to fix the focus
  • All inner glass elements are glued to increase stability
  • Waterproof IP67 with suitable camera


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