Smart Photo Sensor (SPS02)

Smart Photo Sensor (SPS02)

Key Features:
Micro size, Light weight:
  • Dimensions: Width: 22㎜, Height: 50㎜, Depth: 12㎜
  • Weight: Approx. 18g (Not include cable, lens.)

Simple Operation: SPSViewer is software for SPS02. The SPS02 can be set up with a PC. It is simple and easy to control SPS02.

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Smart Photo Sensor (SPS02) Features

A Smart Photo Sensor is ultra-compact and contains high-speed image processing system. A device that can construct an image system by one chip is used in this sensor. It is capable to high-speed process the image because of preprocessing in the device, and it is also capable to determine a result that a former photoelectric sensor was incapable to.
An interface supplies GPIO, USB and RS-232, and it is possible to embed them in various uses. GPIO is used for determining the permission for the result of preprocessing, and USB is used for changing the parameters and the image transfer. RS-232 is prepared for recognition of the object position and PLC transmission.
It is possible to choose a suitable application and embed it according to conditions of use such as the environment, the object and the result of preprocessing. As for application development, Visual Architect (optional) with user-friendly and graphical programming environment is prepared and the customers can arrange it.
The Smart Photo Sensor is the most ideal for a customer who requests a scene that the former photoelectric sensor was incapable to determine or simple preprocess that does not require high-quality image processing system.
The Smart Photo Sensor supports RoHS restricting of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment.


Model SPS02
Image Sensor Type 1/2 CMOS sensor
Number of Effective Pixels 144 x 176
Cell Size 33.6 x 33.6μm
Sensing Area 4.8 x 5.9mm
Exposure Time 1μ to 20ms
Output 2Line
NPN Open Collector
Power Supply Voltage 30V or less
Residual Voltage 1V or less
Load Current 100mA or less
Input 2Line
ON Voltage 0.5V or less
ON Current 30μA(when short-circuit)
OFF Current 50μA or less
USB USB2.0 High speed
USB-Micro Type-B Receptacle
Protection Circuit for GPIO Output: Over Current Protection
Input: Over Voltage Protection
LED signal light STA0: Red STA1: Green PWR: Orange
Power Supply Power and I/O cable for the power supply
DC12 to 24V±10%(ripple current 10% or less)
USB cable DC5V±5%(ripple current 10% or less)
Power Consumption 2.4W
Dimensions 22(W) x 50(H) x 12(D)mm (not including protrusion)
Weight Approx. 56g (included 1m cable)
Lens Mount M17 P=0.75

*S-mount adapter(M12 P0.5) is standard option


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