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ViDi Deep Learning

VisionPro Deep Learning is an AI-based image analysis software designed for complex applications. It automates tasks that are too complicated and time-consuming to program with rule-based algorithms, while providing a consistency and speed that aren’t possible with manual inspection. VisionPro Deep Learning tolerates natural variation and differentiates between acceptable and unacceptable anomalies to simplify development of highly variable applications including:

  • Defect detection and segmentation
  • Assembly verification and part location
  • Material classification
  • Character reading

Set up a deep learning application with speed and precision

With a range of innovative features, VisionPro Deep Learning provides the capabilities and performance you need at every stage of application development, from labeling and training to deployment. These features include:

  • Label checker – Run the checker to identify images containing unmarked or mislabeled defects. Using this capability, you only need to review a fraction of the image set – those flagged by the checker – compared to conventional labeling methods that require you to manually label and review every image.
  • Parameter autotune – Calibrate deep learning models faster than conventional methods for quick and easy setup. In one click, you can optimize your application, expediting training while ensuring the accuracy of your results.
  • Fast line duplication – Accelerate validation and deployment of multiple production lines by adapting an existing deep learning model for a new line. This simplifies retraining and facilitates additional deployments, enabling you to seamlessly ramp your capacity as your business grows.
VisionPro Deep Learning labeling, training and deployment workflow diagram

Flexible programming environment to identify contaminants in deep learning software

Expedite deployment with intuitive graphical training

VisionPro Deep Learning’s graphical training interface simplifies the task of collecting images, training the neural network, and testing it on a variety of image sets. And the unique tool-chaining capability lets users break down their problem into smaller steps making it easier to optimize and requiring fewer training images.

Scale your operations with a flexible common development environment

From low-level machine integration to building an application-specific HMI, VisionPro Deep Learning provides flexibility in how you develop and deploy vision inspection in your production environment.

Tight integration with existing software and vision products creates greater compatibility across the Cognex product continuum and allows you to introduce the latest technologies without duplicating engineering costs. It also enables you to adapt an existing job to new or additional lines, delivering quick deployment into mass production environments.

integration flowchart for CIC on battery inspections

Deep Learning Tools

Automate your most demanding vision applications with an innovative toolset

VisionPro Deep Learning is optimized for real-world industrial image analysis, requiring vastly smaller image sets and shorter training and validation periods. Unlike traditional, rule-based tools, VisionPro Deep Learning tools are trained by example. Choose between Blue LocateRed AnalyzeGreen Classify, and Blue Read to find the tools that’s right for your application.


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