Basler boost

General Information

Camera Category Area Scan Camera
Product Family boost R
Order Number 108379


Pixel Size (H x V) 2.74 μm x 2.74 μm
Resolution (H x V) 4504 px x 4504 px
Frame rate 100 fps
Mono/Color Color
Resolution 20 MP
Shutter Global Shutter
Sensor Size 12.3 mm x 12.3 mm
Sensor IMX531
Sensor Format 1.1”
Sensor Type CMOS
Sensor Vendor Sony
Spectrum Visible

Camera Data

Digital Input 1
General Purpose I/O 2
Power Requirements (typical) 11.2 W
Interface CoaXPress (CXP-12)


Housing Type Box
Housing Size (L x W x H) 45 mm x 80 mm x 80 mm
Operating Temperature max 50 °C




Basler boostboA4504-100cc

  • IMX531Sensor
  • 100 fpsFrame rate
  • 20 MPResolution

The Basler CoaXPress 2.0 boA4504-100cc camera with the Sony IMX531 CMOS sensor delivers 100 frames per second with a 20 MP resolution.


CoaXPress 2.0 for high bandwidths and large resolutions

The boost series features modern, high-performance cameras that deliver excellent image quality—even at high data rates—thanks to CoaXPress 2.0 and modern CMOS sensors. Combining these cameras with our coordinated accessories forms the perfect system for applications with high requirements.

The boost product families: boost R and boost V

All our boost CXP-12 cameras work with the CoaXPress 2.0 vision standard to achieve the maximum bandwidth. We offer two camera families, boost V and boost R, that are tailored to meet your unique vision requirements.

boost R camera family

boost R

Our single- and dual-channel boost R cameras meet your high bandwidth or high resolution requirements with their broad sensor portfolio.

  • With one or two channels
  • Frame rates up to 400 fps
  • Latest CMOS sensors
  • Lens variety
  • Scalable resolution and bandwidth for multi-board and multi-camera systems


boost V camera family

boost V

Our boost V cameras are suitable for applications with particularly high frame rate and resolution requirements.

  • With four channels
  • Latest Gpixel sensors with resolutions up to 65 MB
  • Matching 4-channel CXP-12 interface card
  • Broad feature set
  • C- and F-mount adapters


High bandwidths up to 50 Gbps with 4 CXP-12 channels

Advantages of the CXP-12 interface

  • Take advantage of the maximum resolution and frame rate performance of the latest global shutter CMOS sensors with this interface’s high bandwidth of up to 50 Gbps (4 x CXP-12).
  • Precise camera synchronization—even in multi-camera systems—with very low latency for real-time applications
  • Long cables up to 40 m with industry-standard Micro-BNC (HD-BNC) connectors
  • Reduced complexity and fast commissioning
  • Image preprocessing on CXP-12 interface cards
  • Perfect upgrade from older Camera Link or CXP 1.1.1 image processing systems

Learn more about the CXP-12 interface in our Interface Guide.


Latest sensors from Sony, onsemi, and Gpixel

Sensors from Sony, onsemi, and Gpixel

Benefit from our wide range of state-of-the-art global shutter CMOS sensors, suitable for numerous applications.

  • Gpixel sensors (GSPRINT4521, GMAX0505, GMAX3265), both monochrome and color, for high performance applications
  • Sony sensors of the 2nd (Pregius) to 4th generation (Pregius S) and sensors of the XGS series from onsemi
  • Resolutions from 2.8 to 65 MP and frame rates up to 400 fps
  • Excellent image quality, even at high data rates
  • Ideal replacement for CCD sensors


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