CF-HA Series

CF-HA series specification sheet

Model Compatible format sizes Focal length
4/3 1.1 1 1/1.2 2/3 1/1.8 1/2 1/3
CF12.5HA-1 12.5
CF16HA-1 16
CF25HA-1 25
CF35HA-1 35
CF50HA-1 50
CF75HA-1 75

● Compatible sensor size (std.): Ideal size to maximize the target resolution.

Main features

Low distortion

FUJINON CF-HA series thoroughly minimizes distortion which causes problems in applications requiring high accuracy such as dimension measurement.

[image] Grid view of General MV lens only with spherical lenses and MV lens with an aspherical lens
  • * Simulated image

High performance in close-up shooting

The rear focusing method*1 enables high performance even in close-up shooting.

  • *1 CF12.5HA-1 and CF16HA-1

Low F-number

The low F-number up to F1.4 ensures a clear image even in low light situations.

Enough peripheral light amount

Enough light is captured even at the edges of the image, which contributes to stable inspection accuracy



High resolution lenses

[photo] CF-HA Series lenses standing upright and grouped together in a circle

CF-HA Series

FUJINON CF-HA series is compatible with large 1″ image sensor cameras to realize high resolution up to 1.5 megapixels (7.4 pixel pitch).


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