CF-ZA-1S Series

Model Compatible format sizes Focal length
4/3 1.2 1.1 1 1/1.2 2/3 1/1.8 1/2 1/3
CF8ZA-1S 8
CF12ZA-1S 12
CF16ZA-1S 16
CF25ZA-1S 25
CF35ZA-1S 35
CF50ZA-1S 50


“4D High Resolution” lenses

CF-ZA-1S Series

Support 1.2″ type large image sensor.

Fujinon CF-ZA-1S series supports large high-resolution sensor of 1.2″ type with 2.74μm pixel pitch (equivalent to 24 mega-pixel) or 1.1″ type with 2.5µm pixel pitch (equivalent to 23 mega-pixel). The relative illumination reaches up to above 90%*1, and a clear image can be obtained from the image center to the peripheral area.

Main features

Relative illumination reaches up to above 90%*2

In general, the illumination of the peripheral area of the image is determined by “relative illumination” and “chief ray angle (CRA)”. CF-ZA-1S series adopts the original optical design of Fuji film with the relative illumination up to above 90%*2 (lens monomer) and supports 1.2″ type large sensor, and restrains CRA below 5°. Because the two are relatively balanced to each other, the clear and bright image can be obtained from the peripheral area.

  • * 2 In the case of 1.1″ type with F4.0

In general, in order to improve the difference between light and shade in the center and peripheral area, the correction treatment of the image can only highlight the “noise” but cannot obtain good image, while CF-ZA-1S series has no need to correct illumination and realizes uniform illumination including the peripheral area, thus the high-quality image with low noise can be obtained. It is most applicable to the inspection demanding higher reliability.

<Real image without correction treatment>

[photo] Text viewed with CRA is macro lens

CRA is macro lens

with 30% peripheral illumination
[photo] Text viewed with CF-ZA-1S series lens

CF-ZA-1S series

with 80% peripheral illumination

Original high-resolution performance of Fujinon lens “4D High Resolution”

“4D High Resolution” keeps uniform high resolution from the image center to peripheral area and can restrain the decline of resolution caused by shooting
distance or F-Stop, which is the original high-resolution performance of Fujinon lens.
Therefore, the high-resolution image can be obtained under various setting and photographic conditions.

Supporting 1.2″ type sensor and 2.74μm pixel pitch (equivalent to 24 mega-pixel) makes the most use of camera performance.
Especially, it is most applicable to IMX530 (1.2″type), IMX253 (1.1″ type), IMX255 (1″ type) and IMX183 (1″type).

Restrain unilateral bokeh and single flaw through high-precision assembly technology and original detector.

[photo] 4D lens versus general machine vision camera - zoomed in snippets of text chart with highly consistent image sharpness even along the edges compared to resolution degradation

Adopt the FUJIFILM’s original mechanical structure design of “vibration-resistance and impact-resistance”

[photo] Lenses being tested on plates of vibration machine

Conduct strict vibration test according to JIS C 60068-2-6*3 and keep high resolution prior to and after the test.

Under the circumstance that the robot vision and 3D scanning, etc.
are hit, even by maximum a 10G*4 hit, the optical axis variation
(picture dislocation) is only below 10μm.

Without excessive use of glue and by adoption of the company’s
original mechanical structure*5, the degradation caused by humidity,
heat and long lasting will not occur.

The performance of “vibration-resistance and impact-resistance” is secured even though the iris can be adjusted. These features makes operation easier.

*3 [According to JIS C 60068-2-6], vibration frequency 10-60Hz (amplitude 0.75mm), vibration frequency 60-500Hz (acceleration 100m/S2), and scanning round 50 cycle
*4 Applicable value of hit G varies from model to model
*5 The company’s original technology that has been patented

[photo] Small machine vision camera with CF-ZA series lens attached

Support large sensor and realize compact outer diameter φ39㎜ at the same time

Compact design of outer diameter φ39㎜ (CF8ZA-1S: outer diameter φ54㎜) contributes to saving space.

Retrofit CF-ZA series on the Machine Vision camera that supports large sensor

High convenience and reliability

By adopting internal mechanical focus, the overall length of lens will not change when focused Provided with 3 positioning holes for fixation of the Iris and focusing on lens body and the positioning hole can be selected according to setting conditions.

Having a indication sign on the lens that shows the optimal focus position when the subject is 50cm apart helps you to detect the flange back dislocation effectively.

The “anti-separation structure” is implemented on the knob of the Iris and focusing screw even if it is shaken violently, the screw will not fall off.

When manufactured, the optical performance results of each lens are managed by the factory.
As the tool for FUJIFILM quality management, the lens cone of each lens is printed with QR code.



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