DataMan 475V-label DataMan 475V-DPM
Lighting Types 660 nm, 45°, 4-quadrant 660 nm, 45°, 4-quadrant
660 nm, 30°, 1-quadrant, 2 quadrant, 4-quadrant
660 nm, 90°
Symbologies 1D: UPC/EAN, Code 128, ITF-14, I25, Code 39, Code 93, Codabar
2D: Data Matrix (ECC 200), QR Code, Micro QR Code, PDF417
2D: Data Matrix (ECC 200), QR Code, Micro QR Code, UPC/EAN, Code 128, Code 39
Field of View 80 x 60 mm 35 x 29 mm
Working Distance 60 mm 41 mm
Depth of Field (WD Tolerance) +/- 3 mm 5 mil symbols: +/- 1.5 mm
15 mil symbols: +/- 2.5 mm
Minimum X-Dimension 6 mil (0.15 mm) 3.75 mil (0.095 mm)
Image Sensor Sony IMX264LLR
5 MP (2448 x 2048 pixels)
2/3 inch CMOS, global shutter
8.5 mm x 7.1 mm (H x V); 3.45 μm square pixels
Lens Type 12 mm fixed focal length, f/4 fixed aperture, 2/3 inch sensor format, C-mount lens (users cannot alter lens) 35 mm fixed focal length, f/4 fixed aperture, 2/3 inch sensor format, C-mount lens (users cannot alter lens)
Communications Ethernet
Power Consumption 24 VDC±10%, 1.5 A max (36 W peak)
Weight 945 g 1002.7 g
Dimensions 185 x 185 x 175 mm 286 x 144 x 190 mm
Environmental Protection IP65 IP65 with cables and appropriate lens cover attached
Approvals CE, TUV, FCC, KC
Industry Standards Compliance ISO/IEC 15415, ISO/IEC 15416, ISO/IEC TR 29158, ISO/IEC 15426-1, ISO/IEC 15426-2
Application Standards GS1, MIL-STD 130 UID, UDI, HIBCC, ISO 15434, Russian Crypto-Code, Custom Application Standards
Maximum Codes per Second 1D: 20 codes/second*
2D: 10 codes/second*
2D: 10 codes/second*
Maximum Linear Line Speed 3.6 ft/second (1.1 m/second) 4.6 ft/second (1.4 m/second)
Coplanarity Tolerance +/- 3° of coplanar +/- 2° of coplanar


DataMan 475V Series Barcode Verifiers

Cognex barcode verification technology ensures the readability and compliance of 1D and 2D barcodes to industry standardization guidelines. Today most companies spot check codes one at a time using an offline, operator-based verifier which can be slow and cumbersome.

The DataMan 475V series inline barcode verifier can grade up to 20 codes per second. High-speed 100% verification and quality reporting can be done directly on your production line, preventing product waste and costly chargebacks. Immediate feedback and intuitive visual diagnostics provide operators with the ability to identify and correct printing and process control issues as they happen. For every code verified, detailed reports can be archived to ensure traceability, statistical process control, and compliance.

DataMan 475 verifies vaccine barcodes with an A grade

Label-based barcode quality compliance

The DataMan 475V-label uses a four-quadrant, 45-degree lighting attachment for grading 1D and 2D label-based barcodes. This model is compliant with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), allowing proper grading of 1D and 2D codes, according to the ISO 15416 and 15415 standards. The included calibration card and robust grading algorithms ensure that the DataMan 475V conforms to ISO and application standards while providing accurate and repeatable results.

Direct part mark (DPM) code quality compliance

DataMan 475V-DPM illuminates codes on textured, curved, and highly reflective surfaces using a multi-quadrant lighting attachment with 30S, 30Q, 30T, 45, and 90-degree lighting options. This model is ISO compliant and ready to grade codes in accordance with the ISO/IEC TR 29158 (AIM DPM) standard.

DataMan 475V verifies barcodes on hemostats


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