Key Features:
  • Ultra high resolution 5-megapixel, 72 fps camera for single and duallane coverage
  • SmartLight™ exposure technology to eliminate problems caused by glare, shadows, and other extreme lighting conditions
  • Fast&Secure™ data transfer to back office
  • Easy to install and integrate into a wide range of traffic applications
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Drive5 Features

JAI’s Drive5 is a high performance camera system designed for a wide range of ANPR-based applications, such as open road tolling (ORT) enforcement, toll booth and bridge tolling, border and access control, section speed control, weigh-in-motion, and other traffic enforcement applications.
Drive5 packs a collection of advanced imaging technology into a compact unit capable of providing the superior image quality needed to maximize read rates and enforceability under the most difficult conditions.

Advanced light sensing and auto exposure technology adjusts to changing lighting conditions to ensure crisp, unequivocal plate images while avoiding issues caused by reflections, road glare, dark shadows, and other lighting challenges.

The system comes with a built-in white, infrared, or blue LED ring light for on-axis illumination of vehicle plates, and can also be integrated with an external LED flash unit for overall scene lighting of vehicles in nighttime conditions.

For traffic monitoring, H.264 video streaming capability is included, as are basic digital signing and encryption functions for fast and secure FTP transfer of image information to back office systems.

With its compact and rugged design, the Drive5 is an excellent choice for projects without large existing gantry structures and where integration to standard lane controllers is not required.

Model specifications

  • Compact imaging system provides ideal balance between size, performance, and affordability
  • Ultra high resolution 5-megapixel camera captures crisp images of number plates for higher read rates in a wide range of ANPR-based applications
  • Lens and lighting options support single or dual-lane coverage
  • SmartLight exposure technology handles difficult lighting challenges with ease
  • Precise triggering via TTL, Ethernet, or built-in video self-trigger reduces number of images needed, saving on storage and manual review costs
  • Digital signing and encryption technology delivers fast and secure data transfer to back office
  • Easily installs into new or existing structures


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