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JAI’s superior imaging capabilities are complemented by a powerful suite of high performance vehicle identification software designed to maximize results achieved in advanced traffic applications. The JAI Vehicle Recognition Suite (VRS) includes plate reading software (VRS Reader), visual matching software (VRS Matcher), and the VRS Image Server software for organizing and pre-processing image information.

Software components can be used individually or can be combined into integrated solutions that increase automated identification rates with minimal manual intervention. By using VRS Reader’s OCR capabilities to handle clearly readable plates and VRS Matcher’s visual fingerprinting technology to analyze more challenging plates, JAI has been able to deliver results as much as 10-15% above typical industry averages in a variety of tolling, parking, and speed enforcement applications worldwide.

The VRS Image Server can assemble a complete suite of image and related information in a compact XML format for efficient storage and handling. It is designed for customers who want to reduce the overhead on their back-office operation or eliminate the need altogether.

  • Choice of ALPR/ANPR options to fit specific requirements
  • Patented matching software makes vehicle identification possible even when plates are partially obscured
  • Integrated reader and matcher combination delivers results above industry averages
  • VRS Image Server performs image pre-processing to offload back-office compute resources


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