Line scan cameras (SWIR)

Line scan cameras (SWIR)


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Line scan cameras (SWIR) Features

The Wave Series cameras are dual-band line scan cameras capable of sensing Short Wave InfraRed (SWIR) light. The cameras are based on Indium/Gallium /Arsenide (InGaAs) sensor technology and JAI’s prism line scan technology, making them capable of delivering dual-band imaging in the SWIR light spectrum (900 – 1700 nm).

Multi-imager camera technology is a JAI core competence and over the years JAI has delivered cameras covering RGB and NIR into various applications.

The new Wave Series camera brings dual-band imaging to the SWIR light spectrum to provide lots of extra “hidden” vision data. This capability can enhance current machine vision systems with imaging beyond what is possible when imaging the visible and/or the near infrared light spectrum. The Wave Series can open up a range of new applications in automated visual inspection.

Model specifications

  • Wave Series
  • Simultaneous dual-band imaging in the Short Wave InfraRed (SWIR) light spectrum.
  • Wavelength band : 900 nm to 1700 nm.
  • Enables you to acquire images that R-G-B and NIR will not be able to identify.
  • Active pixels : 1024 pixels x 2.
  • Line rate : 39 kHz (39,230 line/second).
  • Cell size : 25.0 μm x 25.0 μm.
  • Video output : 2 x 8-bit, 2 x 10-bit, 2 x 12-bit through Camera Link interface
    (available with Dual-Base configuration or 2-tap Medium configuration).
  • Pixel gain correction, Flat-field correction, LUT/Gamma function.
  • M52 lens mount.


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