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The In-Sight 2800 vision system combines deep learning technology with traditional rule-based vision tools to solve a wide range of applications. From simple presence/absence detection to advanced categorization and sorting tasks, In-Sight 2800 provides an easy to deploy solution for error-proofing.

Designed for factory automation, In-Sight 2800 enables manufacturers of all size to:

  • Increase product quality – Catch small, subtle defects with optimized error detection.
  • Maximize operational efficiency – Leverage your existing workforce and keep your lines running with fast, intuitive job setup.
  • Streamline integration – Take the guesswork out of image optimization and identify the correct combination of accessories in a few button clicks.

Comprehensive vision toolset addresses tasks of varying complexity

Integrating rules-based and deep learning tools in a single vision system, the In-Sight 2800 solves a variety of error-proofing applications. Use the tools individually for simple jobs or chain them together to solve more difficult logic sequences.

Unlimited classification outputs and regions of interest provide ultimate flexibility

Go beyond OK/NG. The powerful ViDi EL Classifier tool identifies and sorts parts based on multiple features or characteristics. This enables you to classify defects into different categories and correctly identify parts with variation. Along with the ability to assign multiple classifications, you can set up multiple regions of interest to inspect different sections of your image with a single trigger.

EasyBuilder development environment simplifies setup and delivers rapid turnaround

Plug in and get results in minutes with the In-Sight 2800 – no programming experience needed. The intuitive EasyBuilder development environment walks users step-by-step through application setup, enabling rapid turnaround from proof of concept to deployment.

Powerful and flexible integrated lighting for enhanced images

Capture high-resolution images of any product in any environment. Multi-color lighting (RGBW) optimizes image formation, maximizing contrast and illumination, regardless of operating conditions.

Modular, scalable architecture for current and future needs

With field-changeable components, the In-Sight 2800 can be modified to address various application settings and custom requirements. This modularity allows manufacturers to quickly adapt to new parts and keep up with changing demands.

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In-Sight 2800 Vision System

In-Sight 2800 Specifications
Image Sensor 1 /2.8″ CMOS monochrome and color
Image Sensor Properties 6.17 mm diagonal, 2.8 µm square pixels
Image Resolution Options SVGA1 (720×540), 1.6 MP (1440×1080)
Electronic Shutter Speed Min. exposure: 29 μs
Max. exposure: Up to 10 ms (internal illumination) / Up to 200 ms (external illumination)
Acquisition Up to 45 Hz
Internal Memory 7GB
Lens Options Multi Torch: 12 mm, 16 mm (High Speed Liquid Lens or manual focus lens)
Mini: 6.2 mm or 16 mm High Speed Liquid Lens
Discrete Inputs 2 opto-isolated
Discrete Outputs 2 opto-isolated
Other I/O Points 2 user configurable as inputs or outputs
Status Outputs 5 status LEDs, audible beeper
Lighting Multi Torch: High-Powered Multi-Color 4 LED ring light (red, green, blue, white)
Mini: 4 LED small form factor light for 6.2mm lens (red, blue, white, IR options)
Mini HPIL: 4 LED small form factor high-powered light for 16 mm lens (red, white options)
Communications Ethernet interface
Power 24V +/- 10%
Power Consumption ≤7.5W
Material ABS, Acrylic, Aluminum alloy, NBR, PC, PET, PMMA, Silicone, Silicone rubber, Stainless steel, TVP, Zinc alloy
Weight 6.2 mm: 141 g; 16 mm: 169 g; Multi Torch: 290 g;
Right angle configuration adds 50 g
Dimensions Straight configuration 6.2 mm: 42 x 24 x 76 mm
Straight configuration 16 mm: 42 x 24 x 91 mm
Right angle configuration 6.2 mm: 42 x 79 x 38 mm
Right angle configuration 16 mm: 42 x 79 x 53 mm
Multi Torch straight configuration 12 mm / 16 mm: 69 x 66 x 110 mm
Multi Torch right-angle configuration 12 mm / 16 mm: 69 x 104 x 68 mm
Operating Temperature 0–40 °C (32–104 °F)
Storage Temperature -10–60 °C (14–140 °F)
Operating and Storage Humidity <95% non-condensing
Protection IP67
RoHS Certified Yes
Approvals EU CE, US FCC, TUV CB NRTL IEC 61010

1 SVGA options are monochrome only.


Field of view diagram for In-Sight 2800 multi-torch with 8 mm lens, 12 mm lens, and 16 mm lens
Field of view diagram for In-Sight 2800 mini with 6.2 mm lens and for In-Sight 2800 mini with HPIL and 16 mm lens



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