Family Specifications

Camera Type Line Scan
Sensor Technology CMOS
Supported Interfaces GigE Vision, Camera Link
Spectrum Capability Visible (400-700 nm)
Features Power over Ethernet (PoE)




The brand new Linea™2 family takes your system to the new level with impressive performance and value, offering 5x the bandwidth of our Linea family with a 5GigE interface. The Linea2 line scan cameras are powered by our very own Teledyne quadlinear sensor, extending detection capability using RGB + NIR multispectral imaging technology.

Linea2 Powerful Features

5GigE Interface

The Linea2 family delivers 5x the speed of basic GigE bandwidth 500MB/sec. No frame grabber is needed.

Exceptional Image Quality

This family is powered by our all new, high performance multiline CMOS sensor. It features 9e- read noise, 34ke- full well, 72dB DR, 12-bit on chip ADC, digital CDS and independent exposure control.

Trilinear Color

The color model is based on a trilinear sensor that captures RGB native colors.  It is ideal for print inspection, PCB inspection, food sorting, recycling, web inspection and other general machine vision applications.

Quadlinear Multispectral

Our multispectral sensor is based on a unique wafer-level dichroic filter coating technology that enables the camera to capture RGB color and NIR in a single scan.  The minimum spectral crosstalk between the color and NIR channel ensure all images are captured accurately without any data manipulation. The NIR channel provides useful information that is otherwise invisible with visible light alone.



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