Modular I/O System: ADAM-5000 Series




4-slot Distributed DA&C System for RS-485
  • RS-485 communication for easy installation and networking
  • 4 slots for up to 64 points data monitoring card control in one module
  • Supports ADAM ASCII protocol or Modbus®/RTU protocol
  • Supports Modbus/RTU protocol with user-defined Modbus address
  • Extensive software support, includes windows DLL drivers, OCX drivers, OPC server and popular HMI/SCADA software drivers
  • Seamlessly integrated with easy-to-use ADAMView data acquisition software

The ADAM-5000/485 and ADAM-5000E systems conform to the EIA RS-485 communication standard. This is the industry’s most widely used, balanced, bidirectional transmission line standard. RS-485 was specifically developed for industrial applications to transmit and receive data at high rates over long distances.


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