Resolution 4096 x 2 pixels
Chroma Color
Pixel size W x H 7 x 7 µm
Sensor length 28.672 mm
Data rate 125 MHz
Bit depth 24 bit RGB
Responsivity (V/ [lx・s]) 40
Gain adjustable range
Analog amplifier + digital
Analog Amplifier: x1 to x10
Digital (ALL): x1 to x2, Digital (R,G,B): x1 to x3
Digital offset adjustable range (DN) ALL: -40 to 40 R,G,B: -20 to 20
Size W x H x D 60 x 91.3 x 100 (F-mount) mm
Weight (body without mount) 475 (F-mount) g
Lens mount C, F
Video output format GigE Vision
Control input Line in 1 to 3: Exposure trigger, Frame trigger or Encoder signal
Connectors Data/controller:RJ45
Power supply:Hirose: HR10G (6Pin)
External trigger: Hirose: HR10G (12Pin)
Power supply voltage DC12~15[±5%] V
Consumption current 600 mA
Operating temperature No condensation 0~50 ˚C



Ryugan is a new series of high speed line scan cameras from NED.

  • Color line scan camera with 7 μm 4096 x 2 pixels sensor of Bayer color arrangement
  • Easy control of gain / offset / video output with external software
  • GigE Vision® external interface for easy connection between camera and PC
  • Data transmission up to 100m using a CAT-5e cable or above
  • Single power source DC12~15V for operation
  • Pixel non-linearity / shading correcting function


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