Model RMSL8K76CP
Resolution 8192 pixels
Chroma Monochrome
Pixel size W x H 7 x 7 µm
Sensor length 57.344 mm
Line rate 76.923 kHz
Data rate 400~1000 (Peak: 625) nm
Bit depth 8, 10
Lanes 1, 2
Saturation exposure (lx・s) 0.071[Minimum Gain, Pixel Correction Initial Value, Daylight Fluorescent Light]
Responsivity (V/ [lx・s]) 100 (V/[lx・s])
Analog 5V conversion sensitivity
Visible area (400~700nm)
Gain adjustable range
Analog amplifier + digital
Analog Amplifier: x1~x10 (8 Steps)
Digital: x1~x2 (512 Steps)
Digital offset adjustable range (DN) Digital:-127~127 (0.5DN/STEP:8bit) -127~12 7(2.0DN/STEP:10bit)
FPN (Fixed Pattern Noise) 5DN (no correction, at min. gain)
2DN (with correction, at min. gain)
PRNU (Photo Response Non Uniformity) 20DN (no correction, at min. gain)
4DN (with correction, at min. gain)
Random noise Typically 20DN (peak value, at min. gain)
Size W x H x D 80 x 120 x 71.2 mm
Weight (body without mount) 610 g
Lens mount F, M72
Video output format CoaXPress
Connectors Data/controller:75Ω DIN 1.0/2.3 type

Power supply:Hirose: HR10A (6Pin)

Power supply voltage DC12~15[±5%] V
Consumption current 750 mA
Operating temperature No condensation 0 to 50 ˚C



Ryugan is a new series of high speed line scan cameras from NED.

  • Line rate :76.923 kHz
  • 7μm 8192 pixels monochrome
  • Maximum line rate is 76.923KHz
  • Flat-field correction – minimizes lens vignetting, non-uniform lighting and sensor FPN and PRNU
  • Compatible with CoaXPress IF Ver1.1.1
  • Cable length about 100m at CXP-3(3.125Gbps)X1 or X2
  • CXP-5(5.000Gbps)X1 or X2 is about 40m
    * Set to CXP-3X1 at factory mode.
    * Operating power supply can be a single external power supply 12V to 15V or PoCXP



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