VCL Series



Product Specs

COLLIMATED LIGHT (Telecentric Light)

  • High-intensity element enables spot irradiation with high telecentricity.
  • Adjustable range of irradiation, ideal for localized irradiation of arbitrary areas.

What is Collimated Light?

Round luminescent surface lighting.
The point light source and lens provide very high directivity and can be used as a backlight when used with a telecentric lens.
When used as a backlight in conjunction with a telecentric lens, it can be installed near curved workpieces to minimize edge reflection.
It is also suitable for capturing unevenness and fine scratches on trans-parent objects.

Sample Image

With Direct Flat Light, only large scratches are visible, but tapered areas and even fine scratches can be darkened and made visible with Collimated Light.

With Direct Flat Light, it is difficult to see the edges through the transparent resin.
With Collimated Light, the transmitted light does not enter the lens, allowing for a silhouette of the transparent resin to be captured in high contrast.


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