VDFP Series



Product Specs


  • VDF series model with enhanced directivity, specialized for measurement and silhouette detection.
  • Designed to be compact while matching the light emitting area to camera’s aspect ratio (4:3).
  • High brightness and high uniformity light emitting area.
  • The light emitting area can be customized in any size of 25, 30, 40mm increments.
  • Best match for high-definition silhouette detection with wide-field telecentric lenses

What is Direct Flat Prizm Light?

Similar to the VDF.
Because of the prism sheet design, light is strongly irradiated in the vertical direction.
This design is suitable for projects with short exposure time.
The high directivi-ty of the prism sheet reduces the light rotation on the sides of curved surfaces, making it easy to capture edges in high contrast.
The larger light emitting area is compatible with lenses with longer focal lengths.

Sample Image

While the engraved area is not visible under Direct Flat Light, Direct Flat Prizm Light can make the engraving stand out.

Luminous Surface Uniformity Data


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