VHR Series



Product Specs


  • Low-angle ring lighting with high directional LED elements mounted horizontally.
  • Optimized tuning for finer scratches and irregularities detection.
  • Designed for high speed applications with higher brightness.

What is Horizontal Ring Light?

Ring-shaped low-profile lighting.
Installed as close as possible to the workpiece.
The light is directed horizontally from all circumferential directions and can capture the edge of the workpiece, shallow irregularities, and une-ven foreign objects on a flat surface.

Sample Image

The mark and background are low contrast under Low-Angle Ring Light, while Horizontal Ring Light provides a higher contrast to make the mark stand out.

Under Dome Light, the holes in the plastic wrap joints are not visible.
With Horizontal Ring Light, only the plas-tic wrap joint is bright and visible, allowing visualization of the presence or absence of holes.


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