VSP Series



Product Specs


  • Mainly used for co-axial lighting for telecenic lenses
  • Available in multiple lineups for each luminance and each wavelength
  • Optimized uniformity and light distribution characteristics as co-axial lighting for VST lenses

What is Spot Light?

Lighting with small light emitting areas.
Often incorporated into co-axial type telecentric lenses to cap-ture the direct reflected light from the workpiece.
Lighting can be pointed directly to the workpiece from any angle without being attached to the lens to emphasize shadows, or multiple simultaneous irradiations to obtain high lighting intensity.

Sample Image

With Bar Light, only a portion of the engraving is bright enough to make the characters stand out.
By incor-porating Spot Light into a co-axial drop-type telecentric lens, the area around the engraving can be brightly captured, making the characters stand out.


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