VDR Series



Product Specs


  • Conventional ring lighting for many applications.
  • Newly designed for high brightness.
  • Easy of use and installation by eliminating optional adapters.
  • Customization available for segment type, half ring, multiple color, wavelength change, etc.
  • Option : Diffuser plate, Polarizer plate

What is Direct Ring Light?

Ring shaped lighting.
Installed slightly away from the workpiece and close to the camera.
Efficiently brightens the center of the field of view by the directly irradiating light from the LED element onto the workpiece.
Works well with workpieces with low reflectance, while with highly reflective workpieces, the optional polarizer plate and polarization filter for lens can be inserted to reduce the reflection of the light emitting area for imaging.

Sample Image

Bar Light brightens only a portion of the engraving, making the letters less distinctive. With Direct Ring Light, the background is captured in brightness, allowing the letters to stand out in high contrast.


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