HPR2 Series



HPR2 Series

These Ring Lights have “easy to use”, “bright”, and “uniform” characteristics.
The product lineup includes abundant size variations, full color (RGB) models, and satisfying accessories such as the Light Joint Brackets.


Supports from low angles to high angles

Provides diffused light from the LEDs without waste using a unique illuminating mechanism. Even if the distance from the workpiece to the Light Unit is changed, there is little variation in the uniform region and it can therefore be used for a wide variety of uses.

Achieves a uniform region with a high degree of freedom

Provides diffused light at high output

It achieves uniform illumination of diffused light at high output using surface-mounted LEDs and a specially processed diffusion plate.

Achieved higher output than the conventional product

  • This is a comparison between the HPR-100 and HPR2-100, using red and white colors.
  • It can be combined with a Strobe Control Unit for even brighter emission than continuous emission.
    Full color type cannot be used.
  • The data included is for reference only and does not guarantee the quality of this product.

Added two sizes and a full color (RGB) type

We added the HPR2-75 and HPR2-200 models. Also, we added a full color (RGB) type to the lineup as variation for wavelengths, increasing the applications of our products.


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