LDR-LA1 Series



LDR-LA1 Series

LEDs are mounted perpendicularly on a line-shaped board and arranged in a ring facing horizontally.
The thin design has a thickness of only 10 mm.
These Ring Lights are used extremely close to the workpiece.


Illuminating closest to the workpiece

Allows for illuminating closer to the workpiece than the LDR2-LA series. Perfect for imaging of minute unevenness, damage, or engraved characters.

Imaging example for the LDR-206SW2-LA1:Exterior imaging of food containers

LEDs mounted horizontally

Achieved a thin device that is 10 mm thick by mounting LEDs horizontally in one line. Helps save space because it can be installed near the workpiece.

Cross-section image of the LDR-146-LA1

Example configuration

LEDs are arranged facing horizontally in a ring shape. It can be used extremely close to the workpiece.



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