LDR2-LA Series



LDR2-LA Series

Any angle can be created through the use of flexible circuit boards.
The features of the workpiece can be clearly extracted with direct light from a low angle towards the center of the workpiece.

Extraction of uneven damage or engravings

Providing direct light from a low angle to the center section allows for an image that emphasizes the workpiece’s characteristic features.

Imaging example for the LDR2-100RD2-LA:Exterior imaging of a coin

Illuminates from a low-angle at a steep slope

By mounting LEDs on a flexible circuit board in a steep angle, it becomes possible to converge light in the center section from a low position.

Cross-section image of the LDR2-132-LA

Example configuration

Using a flexible circuit board to create any angle needed. Illuminates direct light to the center from a low angle.



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